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Paver Laying Machines: Hydraulic

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Since 1978 Optimas has successfully launched 7 models of paver laying machines. The concept of the new model H88 Toro is based on intensive cooperation with our professional users. Long-term tests have also been conducted under professional evaluation. As a result the H88 Toro is now setting new standards in quality, productivity and comfort:

  • 360° view – unlimited visibility to the paving edge
  • higher engine output & and superior hydraulic functions of drive, clamp and attachments
  • unsurpassed stability and manoeuvrability provided by optimal distribution of weight and independent suspension of rear wheels
  • spacious, sound reduced comfort cabin including ergonomic instruments
  • easy access to all service components

The new Optimas H88 Toro offers state-of-the-art paving technology to customers, worldwide.

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